Sunday, February 20, 2011

the second quilt of 2011

Hello, Everyone,

It's a cold Sunday night after the storm has blown out.  I'm listening to Latin jazz on Iceberg.  I'm feeling better after a crazy night and day of painful muscle spasms. No idea why, but they're gone now.  We had a great dinner with Dare at Amarin Thai.

The Mambo-Mambo Chicken is still the best ever.  As are the Thai beef salad, Tom Kha soup. chicken satay, beef padthai, and spicy fish cakes.  Never had a bad dish there.  Amarin Thai rocks.

I got the quilt for Brad's grand-baby done.  That's Heather's new sweater, too.

On the top left corner you can see there is some writing.  It says,
"JL 2011 Sleep tight... " with a figure of a bug with a loopy trail to show movement.   
I hope Tiffany likes it.  Heather sent me several pics, but blogspot doesn't like the others and won't post them.  I wonder why?

Taking us home is a pic from Nate's party.

Cake is good.


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