Monday, January 30, 2012

silk and salami

Hello, Everyone,

Then above is the pic of the white scarf I finished.  Gottta fill the Christmas gift drawer.

It's a warm Monday night in January (Only in San Diego) and I've been knitting and drinking red wine.  I feel good and I'm listening to Jessie Cook play the rising tide or some such.

I finished a hat that is sink and cotton, so light, for containing my hair with open car windows, not warmth. shiney beads for the magpie in me.

 Dan and I wanted to go out, but instead I made some grilled cheese sandwiches with salami.  Real good.

Here is a pic of the new hat with the Wine Dan has been serving, Chiani style but from California.  I love it, fruity an light red.  Bif glass to boot.

Now Blogger is giving me fits, but it does that, and it's free, so I guess I'll try and work with it.

Good night from Lilo.


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