Tuesday, February 23, 2010


It's a clear and cool Monday night after a rain storm this morning.  Another rain storm on the way.  A little wet for San Diego!

Been doing a bit of beading.  My sister, Heather, took me to take a class with a friend of hers in Oceanside a couple of days ago, http://www.oceanskybeads.com/.  The shop folks were soooo nice, lovely selection of beads and we had a great class from Dee Layden.  The class was on finishing, so I took 4 unfinished projects and she showed me how to finish them.  Here's one:

The Carnelian disc is from a necklace that broke in the early '90's.  I had been saving it to use in something new and it finally found a home almost  2 decades later. The root beer colored beads with the gold swirls were purchased in a tourist shop in Old Town San Diego, which inexplicably had a basket of beautiful beads by the cash register for 15 cents each.  What a deal!

Here are a couple of others.  The Juzu beads are going to a friend tomorrow.  (Buddhist prayer beads, we hold them when we chant Nam Myoho Renge Kyo as an aid to concentration.  Also, I think they're fun to make.)  Here's some info:   http://sgi-usa.org/newmembers/resources/thealtar/prayerbeads.php

The blue and silver necklace is a Turkish crochet rope technique I learned from Utube.  Never know what you'll find on Utube. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DipRVonvYM8

I also took along to the class a pretty green peyote stitch bracelet I had received from a friend and then caught on a doorknob and broke.  Rod Layden repaired it for me.  His artistic work is amazingly beautiful, and the repair is undetectable.  Great afternoon, all in all.

Nate has been with me this weekend.  Pizza as usual.  Fun as usual.  Love bug as usual.   We stopped by Geppetto's, a really awesome toy store. http://www.geppettostoys.com/  They had this thing like a sidewalk sled that transfers the kids wiggles into forward motion.  It was really cool, but I did not have an extra $70.  So I told Nate that we would not buy it today because I did not have enough money right now.  Tonight I was changing purses and found a dime in the bottom of one.  He saw that and said,  "Gramma, that's good, you found some money.  Now we can buy the toy."  If you go to their web site check out the ugly dolls.  When my knitting turns out looking out like that, I rip it and start over!   LOL  They not only do not rip it, they charge crazy prices for it!  I must be getting old.

Apparently a local feral tom cat came in the cat door into the living room while we were all, even Lilo, in the bedroom watching the Olympics tonight .  She loves the Olympics, thank you very much, and my lap stays still a nice long time for her to snuggle. She roots for Canada, so she was happy with the ice dancing result tonight.  The tom sprayed the living room to annoy Lilo.  Lilo is not the only one annoyed.  Anyone know of a deterrent?  Anyone know of a clean up method?  I'm not even sure exactly where it is.  The whole room smells, but it is the worst near the kitty door.  Yuck!  Let's see if it is still so bad in the morning.  Let's hope it airs out.

Lilo is helping me post and she sez goodnight!


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