Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Hat to match the Smores scarf and bright slippers


It's a cool clear Wed. evening in San Diego, about 54F.  The bronchitis is back, so I have no energy and have been sleeping a lot.  Loooong nap today.

I just got home from the knitting guild meeting at the La Jolla JCC.  It was a lot of fun.  Amy Singer was there.  She has a new book out and we were part of her book tour. 

I took a few items that I have finished for show and share.  Some of the girls wanted patterns for the stuff where I was just doodling with yarn and needles.  So as I finish writing them up I'll put the patterns here on the blog.  One of the requested ones is this hat below. 

Here's the hat to match the Smores scarf I blogged recently. Feather and fan.

Soft Little Feather and Fan hat pattern.

100% wool sock yarn from Knitpicks, color shown is discontinued, Smores.
Size 8 needles.
Gauge: 4 st/in
Knit flat and seamed.  Could be done in the round if you prefer... I happened to have straight needles handy.
I did the M1 as a backwards-e.
Cast on 7.
Row 1:*K1, M1 across, end K1. = 13 sts
Row 2 and all even rows in this section: K all.
Row 3: K1,* M1, K2. Repeat from * to end. =19 sts
Row 5:K1, *M1, K3. Repeat from * to end. = 25 sts
Row 7:K1, *M1, K4. Repeat from * to end. = 31 sts
Row 9:K1, *M1, K5. Repeat from * to end. = 37 sts
Row 11:K1, *M1, K6. Repeat from * to end. = 43 sts
Row 13:K1, *M1, K7. Repeat from * to end. = 49 sts
Row 15:K1, *M1, K8. Repeat from * to end. = 55 sts
Row 17:K1, *M1, K9. Repeat from * to end. = 61 sts
Row 19:K1, *M1, K10. Repeat from * to end. = 67 sts
Row 21:K1, *M1, K11. Repeat from * to end. = 73 sts
Row 23:K1, *M1, K12. Repeat from * to end. = 79 sts
Row 24: K all
Row  25: K2, *YO, K1, YO, K4, (K2tog X4), K4, YO, k1, YO, K1. Repeat from * , end K1.
Row 26: Purl all.
Row 27: Knit all
Row 28 : Knit all.  (Raises garter ridge.)
Repeat rows 25-28 8 more times.
Knit 4 rows.
Suspended bind off. leaving long tail.  Sew or crochet  side seam. ( I crocheted mine.)  Using soft sock yarn makes a wonderfully soft hat. 

I made some more bright slippers from the 1960's yarn. My camera does not want to give them to livejournal.  Maybe next time.

Lilo stopped by to say good night.  Good night, Lilo.


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