Monday, February 1, 2010

I'm in love with purple

Hello, Happy February!

It's a lovely, cool (60F) clear sunny winter afternoon in San Diego.  The birds are singing and there is a gentle breeze from the ocean.  Lovely and peaceful.

Here is the latest in the series of UFO's I am finishing.  The yarn is the bright stuff from the '60's my friend glommed onto for me at a yard sale.  I love the bright purple color.  I think this one might be mine.  All ir needed was the gray edgeing.

The stitch is Lotus Blossom Stitch, but the blossoms are upside down since I worked it neck down, so they look more like fuchsia blossoms.  I can write up the pattern if anyone wants it.

The UFO campaign I'm on right now is so exciting.  It appears that I have many projects with just a little bit of work left to do.  So, a small effort on my part is yielding a beautiful finished object.  I'm loving it.  The drawer where I stash presents has several items already and it's just February.  My eventual goal is to finish enough projects that I can actually keep the rest in the designated bins, instead of all over the house!  The Yarn Harlot was talking about watching Hoarders and jumping up to get her house cleaned up.  Well, I'm a long way from cleaned up, but the impulse is the same.  Next up is another  pretty little shawlette/collar made from colorful Mexican yarn that only needs a button to be done. 

Enjoy your day!


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