Friday, February 26, 2010

gold medal socks


It's a cool February evening, with a rainstorm expected later tonight.  I threw my back out, so I'm barely moving.  It hurts some.  It made me sleepy earlier, so I slept then, and now I'm awake at 3 am.  Oh, well.

I've been watching the Olympics and I have been knitting my way through.  I finished another pair of socks for my father-in-law, size 11 shoe, so normal size.  (The "big foots" are on the other side of the family.)

He is celebrating finally coming home from the rehab place today, all better, thank you very much.  To celebrate I knit him a pair of nice, soft socks on size 2 needles, Berroco Comfort DK.  I love using that stuff for socks, so soft.  Balbriggan heel, my new fav heel.  I just cast on for a new pair of toe ups and I'm trying to make a matching Balbriggan toe by using the same concept for the toe.  I'll let you know how they turn out.  Cast on 5, pick up the underside of the cast on, increase 4 EOR (one each side and 2 in the middle).  It should make a short, blunt toe.

Last weekend I attended some Buddhist meetings, commemorating Women's Month.   At one the the meetings the women featured an article by Kaneko Ijkeda that was in the World Tribune a few weeks ago, Jan 15.  It is really great.  I keep reading it again and finding more "meat" in it.  I tried to post it here, but experienced technical difficulties.  Oh, well.

Lilo sez good night. me too.

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