Saturday, February 13, 2010

knitting olympics

I joined the Knitting Olympics over at the Yarn Harlot's blog.  I'm knitting a Victorian collar.  Also a cap for my doctor.

I'm in great shape emotionally, very fired up to be supporting the women's meetings this month and the youth division for Rock the Era.  I've been having a lot of fun doing vigorous activities. 

I went to the doc this morning to find out why I have been having something dragging down my health after I got over the bronchitis.  I thought I had a lingering infection in my lungs, but no, they are clear.  Then she found a a urinary tract infection.  Either bladder or kidneys.  Further labs will tell which. I just started an antibiotic today, so I am sleeping a lot. I fell asleep this afternoon, went to visit a friend, then slept again right after dinner and just woke up after midnight. The antibiotic really knocks me out.  But I expect in a day or two this effect will be eased and I'll be running around again. Good she found the "silent infection" before it could cause lots of  kidney damage. Good Dr, huh, must be, her name is Julie, too!

I'm getting ready to go to San Francisco next month with my sisters. I'm getting so excited.  It was so much fun last year: 1 week. 3 sisters, no husbands, lots of crafting.  Last year we laughed so much our cheek muscles hurt.

Nathan is coming soon, happy dance!!!!  Silly besotted Gramma.

See you all soon,

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