Sunday, January 8, 2012

beginning the new year

Hello, Everyone,
So far 2012 is turning out fine.  It's a coolish Sunday night in January in San Diego.  The weather is cool and clear, warm for January.  The full moon is out of this world, bright enough to knit by. I feel fine and I'm listening to Dan play classical music.  No idea what the piece is. 

We had dinner with Dare tonight at Red Lobster.  It was great.  Dare is so wonderful to take us to dinner once a week.  Great kindness to the old folks.

We finally decided on a calendar, bought it anad put it up.  I feel better now.  it's "In the pink". Silly piggy photos.  Nice and funny.

Lilo is being very good.  When it's cold she does not want to get put out, I think. No biting right now.

Heather bought me a new coffee maker (made here is San Diego, Aroma brand, 92123) for a Christmas pressie.  I just love it.  It makes my morning coffee or tea so easy.  4 minutes and I'm smelling coffee.  Nutty Doodle (coffee with hazelnuts, cinnamon and nutmeg).  When you grind the coffee it all grinds in.  Until then you can see the nut pieces in the bag!  I get it from a local supplier in Old Town.  Perfect for winter mornings.  By spring we'll be drinking more tea in the mornings.  In the evening we usually drink decaf tea year round. Like right now, cinnamon spice holiday tea.

Keep warm and snug, my loves.

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