Monday, January 9, 2012

A sweet time with my Pooh

Hello, Everyone,
It's a clear early Monday morning in January.  The usual fog is missing today.  I feel pretty good and I'm listening to Roger Whittaker on Pandora.

I'm knitting 4 socks on one circ.  One pair  is a black pair with red toes and heels and cuffs.  The other is a dark blue one. I undid the bind off and put it back on the needles with the other pair so that I could add a red top edge to cheer it up a bit.  When I'm done I will have bound off in red on the blue sock and the black ones will be an inch or so longer.  I probably have another #3 circ somewhere, but I did not want to make the effort to find it.  So I'm doing the 4 on1 thing instead.  Also drinking herbal tea and eating bonbons.  The other evening Dan and I were leaving a meeting at 8:30 and thinking about having dinner.  I told him I needed an antacid, so he stopped at CVS to get me one.  He was in there a long time and when he approached the car he was carrying 3 big bags.  That's a lot of antacid, I thought. But, no, it was the remains of an after-Christmas sale on chocolates and cookies.  So now we have a little something for our tea, as Pooh Bear would say.  He is so good to me.

See you later,

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