Wednesday, January 11, 2012

knit nite

Hello, Everyone,
It's a beautiful clear Tuesday morning in San Diego.  I'm feeling good and listening to the Gypsy Kings on Pandora.  I cut my foot somehow last night so I'm soaking it in epsom salts.  I'm diabetic, so foot injuries are a high priority. Doesn't hurt, but I must look after it.

I forgot to tell you about knit nite. 
Video won't take in blogger, Damn!
Anyway we had a nice potluck and talked about our knitting. it was a lot of fun.

I finished the navy socks with red trim.  The red wants to roll out, but I'm taking that as a design feature.
19th century Irish rounded Ballbrigan heel and toe, nice soft Swedish yarn. Yummy.  I'll see if one of my DMiL's students wants to buy them. 

I had a quiet night at home alone last night so I finally figured out the new 2 loaf bread maker Heather gave me.  I made a 1 pound loaf of Sweet bread, like Hawaiian or Challah.  The other loaf was an attempt at panetone, with fruits and choc chips.  After the loaf was well underway I read the part about adding the choc chips toward the end, so they were added at the beginning.  The result was they got ground up and the bread is lightly chocolately, light brown, with no visible chips.  Now what I intended but very good.

Something about finishing all the "Must do " items for pressies in December makes the "Want to do" creative monster rise up from out of the depths and surface like a grey whale breaching in January.  (It's that time of year right now in San Diego, grey whale playing in Mission Bay yesterday.) With me it's 4 pair of socks on the needles.  And a lot of things that I switched out because I did not finish at Christmas (Oh, I think she'd rather have this cute easy scarf than that tricky time-consuming pair of socks, wouldn't she?)  Lots of road kill abandoned projects this time of year.  I finished a couple and put them aside for Next year already. HA! People ask me how I gift so many homemade knits and I tell them I start the day after Christmas.  It's true!  Many of the early ones are fail-to-finish-in-time projects from the Christmas just past.

Lilo is being good.  It must have been cold last night.

See ya,

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