Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Rub a dub-dub

Hello, Everyone,
It's a cool Wednesday night in San Diego.  I am feeling pretty good and listening to Morning Ride by Nestor Torres on Pandora.

Today I was knitting on a sock(so, what's new, Julie) and a scarf I meant to give Amber for Christmas.  I put it aside and forgot it.  If I finish it now do I just give it to her, so put it aside for next Christmas? Hmmmm.

I also found a gift I forgot to give Nate, but his birthday is coming up soon, so I know what I'll do with it.  I have a band-aid on my finger so it's typo city right now.  More fixin' than typin'.

We did laundry today and afterwards Dan was hungry so we caught the happy hour (Tues - Fri)  at Kaiserhof in OB.  Good German beer on tap.

Hofbrau sign.
Happy hour menu

Crazy patio heaters that look like something NASA would build.
And when all the beer and sausages were over, she brought me strudel and decaf coffee to wash it all down.  The staff is very nice.

Lilo is still outside, must not be cold enough yet.

See ya,

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