Thursday, January 26, 2012

Coronado and Tacos El Paisa

Hello, Everyone,
It's a warm Thursday night in San Diego. Winter, what winter?

Dan and I went over to Coronado and had coffee at the ferry landing. Lovely view of the city from across the bay.  I took pics, but Blogger won't load them just now, error message instead.   I love living in beautiful San Diego!  We also have a new favorite taco shop, Tacos El Paisa on Imperial in the "hood". Super yummy and located near a friend's house where we often go for Buddhist meetings.  Open late to boot.  I think I'm in love.  Carne asada to die for and fresh, hot, handmade tortillas on the side. Wow!  Carnitas also great.

This is the side tray they bring to the table with your order.

If blogger lets me, I'll add the Coronado pics later.  I finished a new hat for myself. Lightweight, not for warmth, but to control my hair in the car with the windows open.  Lightweight yarn, lots of lace holes.  A bit of eyelash to make it fun.  Sock yarn leftovers at the brim where it rubs on my forehead so it's soft and comfy.

See ya,

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