Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Hello, Everyone,

It's a warm Wednesday evening in January, what's with that?  I'm feeling good and listening to Phoebe Snow on Pandora.

I told my friend, My condolences on the new computer thing. I agree about the upgrade/downgrade confusion. I'm still not 100% on my new computer.  I'm still having problems with syncing.

Here's my lil buddy. Cute, huh?

I agree with my friend on Lipton Mandarin Orange Green Tea. Crazy about it. I get my hubby to take me to Denny's for it. Not that we don't have a ton of tea in the house. But sometimes I like to get out...

The time after Christmas feels so great as it is a time of knitting just what I feel like knitting, nothing to do with finishing a list.  I sent a couple of pairs of socks to my mother-in-law that were knit to her specs and she sold them to her students.  So, now I have 3 more pair for her.  I guess I ended up in the custom sock knitting business.  So far so good. 

I hope this link works.  Blogger wouldn't let me post the video so here is a link.

Lilo is back being the "bad kitty".  Last night she decided I was inconvenient to her in my bed, she wanted it all to herself.  So she got up, set her ears back, walked over to my legs and bit me.  I threw her out of the room, big sigh.  Here we go with the bad kitty phase again.  I had hoped she was over that. 


Julie in San Diego, where it is warm right now, like a misplaced spring we lost a couple of years ago, turning up unexpectedly now in winter 2012.  So much for the Mayans, they got it wrong.   Warm winter, not world annihilation.

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  1. Nice post. Sorry we couldn't speak more on New Year's day. Miss knitting with you. :)