Monday, January 16, 2012

crochet time?

Hello Everyone,
Its a clear, coolish Monday night in San Diego.  I feel ok and I'm listening to Turkish Night by Ottmar Liebert.

I started a cardigan in crochet.  Mix of colors, bright purple with browns, tan, grey and little bits of pink, red, yellow and white.  Edging in Camel.  Hope it comes out good.  

Had dinner at Western steakhouse in North Park, close to where I had a meeting.  I had the wild west burger, crazy good. 1/2 pound, gyros meat and bacon, BBQ sauce.

Dan had chili cheese fries, also superb.  Thay've added air conditioning.  That's great because we used to say we could only go here in the winter, it's too hot in summer.  Now we can go year round.

Lilo is outside.
See ya,

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