Sunday, January 15, 2012

Goodbye, Bert

Hi, Everyone,
It's a coolish Sunday evening in January in San Diego.  I think winter lost my address. I'm listening to Incendio on Pandora. Laid back flamenco if you can imagine.

We went Bert Rogoway's memorial this afternoon.  What a character he was. What life, from one extreme to another.  He was so lucky to find Jessica, who loved him no matter what.  With that kind of support, and with chanting Nam Myoho Renge Kyo, of course, he was able to make the changes he needed to in order to become a happy, loving granpa.

I went to dinner with Dare (Thank you, Dare) at a little place called the Bamboo Hut. 9172 Mira Mesa Blvd
(between Black Mountain Rd & Rickert Rd) San Diego, CA 92126

They are Hawaiian and the food is kinda mostly Japanese with some Philipino and a bit Islander.  Lots of tasty Sushi with mac salad, Moco Loco, shreddedKalua Pork from the underground oven, with a side of lumpia and seaweed salad..  Crazy good.  Nice waitress.  When they ask, go for the garlic rice, it's really good, like fried rice with garlic.  Not cheap, not expensive, middling money.  Good selection of Japanese beer, comes with a hot sake on the side during happy hour. 

My lanyard broke, dropping my phone on the floor.  So I made a little purple net purse to keep it safe when I want it on my neck. Now I'm trying to figure out where Dan put it when he put it away

Lilo is bad, must not be cold enough for her.  She bit my leg for no reason so I threw her out and her attitude was, "I've been thrown out of better places before."   She must have been there when they wrote the lyrics to "Born to be bad", or was it " Bad to the bone"?  Bad Kitty! She's 8 years old, but still has no manners.  Anybody want her?  She is as beautiful as she is bad, big sigh.

See ya,

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