Friday, January 13, 2012

Usd, LY's Garden

Hello, Everyone,
Its a warm Friday evening in January after an 80 degree day.  Global warming for sure!  I feel pretty good and I'm listening to KROQ (Dan's choice). 

We had dinner at Ly's Garden on 54th street.  They're Cambodian.  The food was great but they were heart-breakingly slow. 45 minutes from order to receipt of food. This made us late for the meeting at Evelyn's new house.  So I cast on a new pair of toe-up socks.

Toes for dinner, anyone?  When the food came it was great. Three dishes. 1 jellyfish salad with shrimp., 2 Peking Duck with steamed buns,3  mixed seafood sizzeling platter with rice.  All Yummy.  Green tea.  They have a full bar, but I was not in the mood. had drinks later at home.  Dan is a great mixologist.  Something very strong with cherries.

I love this place but you have to have some considerable time available.  The duck is to die for.  Crispy to the max and served with heavenly fluffy steamed buns, plum sauce, slivered green onion and cucumber strips. Jellyfish crunchy in a different way, Seafood is great with yummy giant black mushrooms. Not totally cheap, but not expensive either.  About $35 total.

My friend, Judy, found a cute pic of Nate at the World Peace festival at USD last fall and she sent it to me.

We were manning the SGI booth.  That's Alex and Doug with us.  I do this every year and it's lots of fun.

I think Nate has lost weight since then.

Lilo is coming by to say "HI" to all her friends.  She is loving this warm weather.  Attention is a good thing. So she's sitting on my foot, with her back to me. 

See ya,

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