Monday, April 12, 2010

Anyone for a light appetizer, perhaps a gopher?

Hi, Everyone,

The sun is out and it was earlier, too.  In between we had a little rain shower.  Normal weather in most parts of the country, but odd for San Diego.  Breezy Monday afternoon, I am in good health and feeling great about life.

Well, last night when we got home around 9 pm, Lilo was sitting in the middle of the living room floor, starting to eat a gopher.

While I'm glad she learned how to catch them, and I hope for the sake of the lawn she will eventually catch then all, I am not so crazy about her choice of a place to eat it.  Dan tossed it out the front door with a napkin, then I picked it up with disposable chop sticks and took it out on the porch. 

Here it is on the toe of my swimming shoe, so you can see the size of it.  Then I threw it out onto the lawn, where Lilo finished eating it.   She was very pleased with herself.  Tiny, dainty Lilo casts herself as the great white hunter!  Of gophers!

We had just gotten back from dinner.  Pizza with Dare.  I'm just a kid at heart.  I love pizza,  -  good, crunchy crust under gooey, cheesy, meaty, garlicy pizza toppings.    Fresh, hot bread sticks are also not bad.  Bad for my weight, but I love 'em.  Fresh, crispy salad, BBQ chicken and a size of pasta in marinera sauce.  What's not to like?  We get one of those family combos and share it.  Yum-o.

Here I am working on the bridal shawl after dinner at Pat and Oscars.  I have on my regular glasses, yeah, found 'em.  That was a little crazy for a day with "backup" glasses that are not quite strong enough.   I could see the TV, but not good enough to read.  Knitting lace was a real strain   Big Relief to find them!  Knitting tiny white lace with "backup" glasses really defines me as a crazy, obsessed knitter, LOL.

I am about 1/2 of the way done with the edging lace for the straight edge.  Then I will tackle the long, curved edge.  Heather and I have been consulting about the best way to add the beads to the edge.   She is busy constructing the cystal, silver, plum and violet bead dangles for the points of the lace.   Maybe 70 points when all is said and done.   I think we will need to consult when I get to the bind off row and maybe make a swatch and try a few things to see what looks best.   I'll keep you posted.   Getting close.  Dan says I need to make another one to keep when I finish this one...?  Hmmmmm ...?  Lots of stitches.......... Would love to have one...... We'll see.


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