Thursday, April 8, 2010

In the shadow of Torry Pines

Hi, Everyone,

Today was a beautiful, sunny Thursday.  So pretty I can't believe it. Now the sun is setting and it is just as pretty in a moody, twilight sort of way.  I feel good.

Heather and I went on our usual Artho-swim class this morning.  Nate came along and splashed around with us.  He had fun swimming in the very warm pool.

Then we met Dan's mom and sister and niece for lunch at Iris Food and Spirits in Del Mar, on Carmel Valley Road,  right next to the wetlands, where you can watch water birds and look up the hill at the Torry pines.  It was lovely.   Sunny and bright, nice breeze on the patio.  Rustic timbers, pretty wildflowers in the entry garden, crisp white tablecloths. 

Heather gave Anita this pretty white and purple cotton  hat with sparkling beads she had crocheted for her birthday.  It'll be nice this summer.

Nate enjoyed his lunch, especially the rolls, freshly baked with rosemary and slathered in sweet cream butter.

Dan had the crab cake sandwich, one of his favs.  I had the buttermilk chicken salad.  It was good. The duck/fig/gorgonzola pizza appetizer was really great

Here he is enjoying the fresh bread.

On the knitting front, I was busy knitting on the bridal shawl, it's coming along.  I just can't wait to block it.  I'm also working on a Storm Cloud Shawlette in some old (fifties) cotton a friend gave me when she "retired" from knitting.  I saw Zorla's (Ravelry) version at the knitting guild last night and couldn't resist starting my own.  Since I ripped a going-nowhere project to get the cotton, I'm counting this a finishing a UFO.  Finishing it as a whole new thing, LOL.  I have to do something else to take a break from the bridal shawl so I don't hurt my hands with the many small stitches.

The spring weather has brought out lots of gophers in the lawn, so Lilo is outside trying to figure out how to catch them.  Our old cat, Tiffy, was a gopher expert, but Lilo is just getting the idea.  Nathan is on the porch supervising and giving her advice.

See ya,

Location: at home in San Diego
Mood: happy
Music: Jazz- Stan Getz, Round Midnight Bossa Nova

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