Sunday, April 11, 2010

Doc in an RV

Hello Everyone,

It's a cool, breezy  Sunday afternoon.  Today was breezy, foggy and cool.  I'm feeling good.

I just found this great pic of Nate from Halloween.  He just loves Minnie Mouse. 

This last week he was staying with me and I had a doctor's appointment.  Since I do not have medical insurance, I have had to come up with some creative ways to get inexpensive medical care.  The clinic (Dan found it for me online, gotta love him) handles ongoing prescriptions thusly: you make an appointment with their mobile unit on the day it is in your neighborhood, the mobile unit PA checks your chart for the doctor's instructions and writes your prescription and then the main clinic pharmacy fills it, you pick it up the next business day after you turn it in.  4 stops a month to continue an ongoing prescription (not counting the actual doctor's visit), but it is very low cost and works for me.   So I was visiting the "Mobile unit"that day,  what Dan and I lovingly call the "Doc in an RV" which was parked in our local park for the day.   Patients were lined up on folding chairs in the park, enjoying the sunshine and fresh air.

Nate asked, "Gramma, what are we doing here?" 
"Waiting to see my doctor", I replied. 
Nate, pointing to the RV door in disbelief, "Your doctor is in there?"
"I'll bet your doctor doesn't come to see you in such a cool truck like mine does", I replied. "And they even have this great playground for you to use while Gramma sees the doctor." 
The doc heard me and laughed so hard I thought she was going to pee her pants.

Hey, it works!

I am working the edging lace on the bridal shawl.  I'm working the lace edging in 2 sections: first one for the top straight edge, and another for the semi-circular side.  The shawl will look like capital letter D.

I picked up all the stitches, then I did a couple of rows of garter, then a couple rows stockinette, just to give it a good base.   Now I'm 5 rows into the lace. OK, time to count stitches.

Lilo climbed into the sweater drawer and is napping there, snug and warm in the middle of my sweaters.  And I sometimes wonder why my sweaters are all covered in white cat hair.

Gotta go, dinner with Dare tonight.


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