Saturday, April 10, 2010

Filling a pool?

Hi,  Everybody,

I feel good, like James Brown.  Today was lovely and warm, the perfect spring Saturday after starting out a bit cool in the morning.   Now in the early evening the fog is drifting in.   It'll probably be cool again tonight like it was last night, from the fog.

Nate went home today, end of spring break with Gramma. Here we are keeping warm and watching a Star Trek movie together.  I'm knitting, of course.  This is my take on the Storm Cloud Shawlette from Ravelry.  I'm using size 6 needles and 2 strands of bedspread weight mercerized cotton, so it's shiny and silky and will adjust its shape easily as I pull on it to wear it.  I'm  mixing various colors as I use up stash.   Pink glitter, a mostly pinks multi, a soft salmon,  lilac and violet.  It is lightest at the top and moves darker and it works its way down.   I think it is going to be great for summer.   More a summer cover up and not so much for warmth.

The bridal shawl is coming along, the center section is done.  I have begun picking up the border stitches all along the edge.  This is no small matter.  I'll count them all when I get done but I'm guessing maybe 600 stitches or so.   

Anybody want to guess how many stitches I end up with on the edging?  I know, can't tell much about lace until it is blocked...

Dan just handed me a very yummy quesadilla.  We recently found this little Mexican market not too far from the house that makes it's own home-made looking thick and grainy corn tortillas.  When you get them they are still hot from the press and taste like corny heaven.  So....  Heat that up on the griddle with some very sharp cheddar cheese folded inside, wow,  is that good or what?  I think I'll keep him.... 

Lilo is hoping for a taste of the cheese, so she is on her very best adorable-sweet-pretty-white-kitty behavior.  I am not fooled, but I'll probably give her some cheese anyway. 

Heather and I were talking a few minutes ago and I used an expression that reminded me of something that happened a couple of years ago.  I was thinking about buying a house, but the prices were so crazy at the time, that I decided not to.  Turned out to be a good idea as the loans offered then were all ARM's and the market crashed shortly thereafter.  I would have lost it.   But for a while I was looking at houses.  So one house I looked at was in Serra Mesa and it was in pretty sad shape, lost of water damage and mildew everywhere.  Selling "as is".   There was a big swimming pool that had been built tight up against the house in back and it was pretty clear to me that the pool was leaking underground.  The homeowners had emptied the pool to stop the water damage from pool water leaking into the house, good idea, LOL.  But the realtor was determined that it is a bad idea to show a house with an empty pool.  So he was trying to fill the pool up with a slender garden hose.  This was not working so good, as the leaks were emptying it at about the same rate as the hose was filling it, so after several days of running the hose the pool only had maybe 18 inches of water in it and the moisture was dripping everywhere in the house.  The agent was complaining that filling a pool with a garden hose takes forever.  Ya think!   Especially a leaking pool.  So, "like filling a pool with a garden hose" has become an expression of wrong headed futility between Dan and me.  

See ya,

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