Monday, April 19, 2010

Bridal shawl is cast off

Hi, Everyone,

I'm so excited!!!  I just cast off the bridal shawl!!!  I'm off to find a place with good light to get a pic and I'll finish this post when I have lots of pics.

So I just got back.  Dan and I went driving asround our neighborhood looking for a place with bright lights to get a good photo of the bridal shawl.  We decided Del Taco had the brightest lights!   Now, bear in mind that this is totally unblocked, and it will be a totally different animal after we block it!  I'm sure the kids at Del Taco thought we were nuts.

Here you can see the beads aqlong the bottom edge.

 One of the corners.  See that curled top edge?  That will be awesome when it's blocked out into points.  The beads are each at the end of a point.  I can't wait to block it.

 More of the beaded edge.

 It's over 6 feet wide and about 30 inches deep.  After blocking it should be considerably larger.  Heather and I are going to block it on a big ventilated picnic table in a park near her house.  I'll keep you advised....

My friend Zee is a great beader.  I'm a knitter who occasionally strings a bead or two together.  When I showed her the juzu prayer beads I made, she told me how to finish the ends better.  Instead of putting the crimp bead on the end, she suggested putting it before the tassel bead, then run the end of the line through the tassel bead,  then the little end bead and back into the tassel bead and then into the crimp bead and the next ones as needed to hide the end. When the tension is right, crimp the crimp bead.  That way the end of the line is hidden where it can't scratch anyone and the crimp bead is protected from wear.  Youza, what a great idea, Zee!

Well, it's a peaceful Monday night in San Diego after a warm and sunny day, I feel really good  (La-da-da-da-da-da-da , as James Brown sang long ago) and the music is off.  No reason, just forgot to turn it on.  Ok, now it's on: It's raining men, hit crew.  Ha, you can tell my mood, huh?

Lilo is MIA, probably enjoying the warm night air.  As soon as I write about her, she comes in for some attention.  I swear that cat is psychic.


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