Wednesday, April 21, 2010

More bridal shawl, Ichiban

Hi, Everyone,

It's a windy, cold, rainy Wednesday night in San Diego.  I feel good, although tired.  I'm listening to a Violin Concerto by Vivaldi on  ITZHAK PERLMAN, VIOLIN & CONDUCTOR.  You can tell I copied so I would not have to think about how to spell his name, LOL. 

Heather sent me some more pics from her camera of the bridal shawl.  Her camera is better than mine, so you will be able to see details better.

The process of blocking begins with a wash in shampoo, a rinse with plenty of  conditioner and a 20 minute soak.  The conditioner helps the shawl slip on itself and block out bigger.  Here we are soaking.

We went to the San Diegito Lower Park, or something like that.  It has nice 10 foot tables that are metal mesh which lets the breeze through, the better to dry the shawl with, my dear.  One pin for each point..... 

Pinning away...

All pinned out.

After the shawl was dry, we unpinned it and spread it out on the sofa back to see it.

This shows the plum beaded dangles on the tip of each shawl point.

I love this shot, you can see the lily of the valley nupps and the beaded dangles.

Heather playing in the shawl.  Heather sez the bride, Shannon saw this blog and loves the shawl.  Yeah!

Now I need to change the subject.  Dan and I had an errand in Hillcrest yesterday  and we stopped for lunch at Ichiban (1449 University Ave, SD 92103).  The sushi was very good.  We had spicy California roll because it was the special of the day.  And eel roll because we love eel. And a salad to be good and 3 piece seafood fry to be bad.  It was all great.  While we were there, the waitress, Michiyo, who is a friend of mine, asked me if we planned on entering the Sushi Eating Contest on May 16.  This sounds like too much fun!!!  Check it out, $15 to enter.  You get mass quantities of Sushi and a chance at the three prizes: $290, $150 and $80 in Ichiban credit.  Hmmmmmm.. Sounds like a great idea to me!  Need to sign up by the 14th.

Lilo is sitting by me, wishing the rain would let up.  It rained off and on all day.

Well, good night, Everyone!

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