Wednesday, April 14, 2010

What do Mariachis and knitting have in common?

Hello Everyone,

Today is a cool Wednesday evening.  Today was a breezy spring day, cool breeze, warm sun.  I'm feeling good.  I had a massage with Wendy, and that is always great.

Web went out to Casa de Pico in Grossmont Center for happy hour.  They are located in the same mall as the new site for the Bonita knitting group.  So,  I was able to catch a fun and inexpensive dinner of good Mexican food, complete with mariachis,  on the way to the knitting group, which meets at the Panera in the same mall.  That's what mariachis and knitting have in common. 
Here I am knitting on the bridal shawl. On the home stretch now, the last border.

The place is good, the food is good, the server was nice and efficient, the music nice and not too loud.  The colors were fun and bright, as is true of any place Diane Powers is involved with..

And below is Dan, enjoying a brewski with his happy hour  enchiladas.

After the enchilada break, we went across to Panera.  The knitting group has found a comfortable place.  I enjoyed it a lot.  The only awkward part was a bizarre old lady panhandling from table to table.  Dan told the manager and when the manager asked her to leave, she refused and stuck her tongue out at Dan, LOL.  Finally the manager firmly threw her out and stood by the door when she tried to re-enter.   I think I've seen her before "working" the Fashion Valley Mall by my house.  She must have a "Mall route".  Pretty aggressive old biddy.
Heather's husband, Ron, Likes these little speedboats.  This is the boat basin at Mission Bay Park. 

And this is Ron.
Lilo is watching a candle flame flicker.  Now that she sees herself as the great hunter, she is very interested in things that move.   This is kind of funny, but I hope she does not knock over the candle trying to "capture" it.   I'd better go blow it out.

See ya,

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