Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Breezy Tuesday

Hi, Everyone,

Today was a cool and breezy Tuesday.  I'm feeling great.   It's getting late now, but I wanted blog anyway, so I could share some pics with you I got from my sister, Heather.  We met for lunch to have a "council" about the bridal shawl.  I bound off the straight edge with no beads and I am working on the curved one, which will have beads.  Heather is working on the bead clusters.

This is a silly hat Heather and I were working on in Mountain view.  We just could not get it right even though we remodeled it various times. 

This is the bride and groom.  Don't you think Shannon will look great in the bridal shawl I'm knitting?

My niece Byrnna and her son very involved in his video game.

I just loved the architecture of the Santa Barbara train station.

Brad and Shannon playing with his hats.  Brad looks more and more like my dad every day.

Lilo is outside stalking gophers. 

See ya,

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