Monday, April 26, 2010

Bridal Shawl Pattern, Part IV

Hello, Everyone,

It's a coolish Monday night in San Diego.  I feel fine.  Lilo is out hunting gophers.  No music right now.

Here is the next installment of  Shannon's Bridal Shawl pattern:

Lace Points:

Row 1, 3 and 5: knit 2, * YO, knit 3, k3tog, knit 3, YO, knit 1, repeat from * across, end with knit 1.
Row 2, 4 6 and 8: knit all
Row 7: knit 2, YO, knit across, end with YO, knit 2.

Notice that the YO, knit 1, YO sequence lines up on top of the YO, knit 1, YO sequence in the rows below in the heart pattern.   If not, make it so, as Captain Piccard would say.

Using a double thread, bind off using a suspended bind off.  It is worked as follows: knit 1,* knit 1, stick left needle through the two stitches just knit and k2tog, repeat from * across.  Break thread, leaving a long tail.

Beads: if you are using beads on the lace points you may use a small crochet hook to pull them onto the bind off stitch at each point (which is what I did) or you may sew them on later, after blocking. 

Next time we will discuss wet blocking, as it is very important to the final effect of the shawl.


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