Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Bridal Shawl Pattern, Part V

Hello, Everyone,

Today is a mellow overcast Tuesday morning in San Diego.   The sun is trying to break through and I'm sure it will soon.    I feel great.  I'm listening to Drew Tretick play violin, A Summer Serenade.   We heard him play live on our honeymoon, so his CD brings back nice memories for me. 

Before we get into the wet blocking, we need to add lace edging to the curved edge.

Pick up stitches as before, picking up 2 stitches for each 2 rows until you reach the safety pin marker you left at the edge (one in the "bee's knees and one between).   Then pick up 2 plus make 1 with a backwards loop for each 2 rows until the bottom section, which gives you 3 stitches for every 2 rows.   Then across the bottom pick up 1 for each stitch plus a few extra for ease.  If you held those stitches aside and did not bind them off, just knit them and add in a few for ease.   Now proceed as for the heart lace edging on the straight edging side, with the same calculations  for the fudge row.   Then add points as before and bind off with or without beads, as you choose.   Do not sew up the corners yet.   We will sew them up after blocking to make sure the stitching is loose enough to not pull in during blocking.   The corner tassels go on last.

Next time we discuss wet blocking.

I have written up a proper pattern and now offer it on Ravelry at http://www.ravelry.com/patterns/search?query=Julie+Lanner

Lilo is out chasing gophers again.


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