Monday, April 5, 2010

Happy Easter

Hello, Everyone,

Its a chilly Easter Sunday evening following a warm spring day, breezy and sunny.   Good day for a kite.

I got some photos from the Encinitas Community Egg hunt.

Here I am sitting on my knitting stool at the entrance waiting for Nate.  Unlike Godot, he came.

Here I am sitting beside the egg hunt field knitting on the bridal lace while Nate shows off his winnings.  Isn't his shirt great.  Among the hordes of kids he was easy to pick out in that distinctive and bright shirt. 

Ready, set...   All those dots on the green field are plastic eggs with a prize inside (sticker, jumpy frog, toy ring, etc.) 

Looking over at Gramma knitting on the sidelines.

His favorite treasures from inside the eggs are these beautiful rings.

Crawling into the jumpy thing, the jump house.  He had a great time jumping.   Perfect for a six year old with a lot of energy.  They had several of these and separated the kids by age.   What a good idea!

And for your musical entertainment, the singing clown... Which works about as well as you can imagine.  Neither great singing, nor terribly funny, but somehow entertaining just the same.  I must have been in an easy to please mood.

More jumping.

There were many beautiful little princesses running around  in pretty Easter dresses.

After the jumping was over, lunch was in order, so we headed out to the 101 Diner, which I blogged previously.  Yum!

This afternoon I visited my friend Flore, and she gave me a lovely picture frame necklace.   Framed therein are the words "Winter ALWAYS Turns to Spring".   What a lovely gift!   While we were chanting Nam Myoho Renge Kyo the earthquake occurred in nearby Northern Mexico.   There were several aftershocks, so it seemed to rock and roll forever.   Dan called and joked, "Wow! You girls must be chanting some amazing Daimoku!   The earth moved."   Well, yes, but not like that, Honey, LOL.  

Tonight we had a lovely dinner with Anita and her friend.   Anita is a masterful salad maker.  And the shrimp and pasta dish was yummy.  The raspberry torte was good, too.  Later Steve's family stopped by, and Amber, too.   Here is me at Anita's and you can see the progress I am making on the bridal shawl.

Hope you had a nice spring day,

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