Saturday, April 24, 2010

Bridal Shawl Pattern, Part III

Hello, Everyone,

It's a nice Saturday night at home in San Diego.  I'm listening to flamenco: Nicholas Marks, My Broken Heart.  I feel tranquil. 

We had a errand in North Park, so we had dinner at Rudford's again.

I had the Hawaiian Omlette and Dan had the taco salad with a chicken substitution.

We were both happy.

Now to the important stuff, the bridal shawl, ta-da....

 Shannon's Bridal Shawl, Part III

Now we are ready to work back and forth again on the edging, beginning on the straight side.

Lace Heart Edging:   The heart edging is a slightly wider spaced variation on Evelyn Clark's edging on the Swallowtail Shawl.

First you will need to count stitches on the straight edge.   The heart edging is mitered at the corners, so expect the stitch count to increase as we go.

The heart pattern is a multiple of 10+5 (plus 8 edging stitches) in the first row.  If you have a few stitches over an even repeat, you can spread them out and make them disappear.   Working with this many stitches there is slim chance you will come out exactly even anyway, so I have built the fudge factor into the process.  Decide how many stitches you need to make disappear to have an even multiple of 10+7 (plus 2 garter edging stitches on each side).  For example, if you have 281, you are even.  If you have 283, you need to make 2 disappear.  Got it?  However many stitches you need to fudge away, that's how many safety pins you attach to your work, roughly evenly spaced.  With these large numbers of stitches, approximately evenly spaced is OK.  As the  VP of Quality at my last job told me when the product was blowing up and catching fire in the field, "anything under 2% is OK".  LOL, my fav quality joke, and he actually said that.  Anyway, back to the shawl, as you work the first edging row (the fudge row) you will k2tog and remove the marker whenever you come to one of these marker safety pins and by the end of the row you will be even on the stitch count.  The number you need to remove will be less than 10 or you are doing the math wrong.   

I have written up the patter properly and now offer it on Ravelry at

Tomorrow we will work the points.

Lilo is "helping" me blog tonight.  She appears to be sleeping at my feet, but from time to time she reaches over to swat at my toes, just to see if  I will notice.  HA.  Silly kitty.

Lilo and Julie

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  1. Hello my name is Ruth. I must say that you are just a marvelous, creative individual. I was looking at your shawl and boy how in the world do you figure out every inch of the art? It must be a God given no doubt. Well, anyway I have taken up knitting recently but never a challenge such as this. I don't have anyone to teach me in person but I like to make simple things like afghan, scarves and hats. Do you think that as a newbie I have a chance...?I have itchy fingers and nerves of steel. Let me know if there's anyway that I can make this shawl in a yarn that's inexpensive since I'm limited with the funds. Ok well I hope to hear from you either way. I'm really taken back by your beautiful shawl. Thanks for sharing your talent even with us newbies:)