Sunday, April 4, 2010

Happy Day Before Easter

Hello, Everyone,

Saturday was clear and windy and warm.  We took Nathan to a community egg hunt in Encinitas.  He had fun and ran around with a bajillion other little kids.  I'll post on the egg hunt event next time when I get the pics downloaded.  We went to the 101 Diner in Encinitas for lunch,

Amber ordered a side salad and the result was awesome.

Some side salad.
This was my Chicken Machaca Omlette,and it was pretty tasty.

These are Heather's blintzes stuffed with fruit.  Even the coffee was good.  Nate's children's burger was awesome, too.  Then Steve went and played some golf with old friends while Nate and  I sat on the terrace at the golf course in the sunshine and  I knit on the bridal shawl.  Sooo,  altogether a very successful outing.
Lilo sez, Goodnight.

See ya soon,
Location: at home in San Diego
Mood: great. rested
Music: Iceberg Radio Brazil Jazz

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