Saturday, May 1, 2010

Bridal Shawl Pattern, Part VII

Hello, Everyone,

It's a lovely sunny Saturday afternoon in San Diego, a bit breezy and cool, but just lovely.  I have a cold today, so I'm drinking tea and resting and trying to shake it off.  Listening to Bream peacefully play Isaac Albaniz (Classical guitar).  Dan made lunch for me, grilled ham and cheese sandwiches.  All gooey with melted sharp cheddar cheese running out everywhere.  You know,  he does a great job when he cooks.  The official myth is that he can't cook, but don't you believe it.  When I'm under the weather, he comes up with some great stuff. 

Well, it's time to finish the Bridal Shawl pattern.   Now that you have it all blocked out and can see just how wide the corner lace turned out to be,  it's time to address the slits at the corners.   I used the tails I had left dangling to gently stitch them up.  Don't pull it tight, just gently float the stitches in there and hide the ends.   The stitching needs to have the same elasticity as the shawl.   Yes, I could have done the edging all in one piece and there would not have been any stitching required, but it would have been rather unwieldy with 1200+ stitches in the edging rows.   This method is rather easier to handle, but does require 2 tiny little seams at the corners, which probably strengthens the shawl where the bead tassels attach anyway. 

Then I stitched the bead "tassels"  firmly onto the corners,  make this stitching good and strong.   The 3 strands of beads for each corner Heather had prepared in advance, so they just needed to be stitched on.   The beads will pull on the corners, so several stitches through each, please.

I'm searching on my hard drive for the photo of the shawl tassels in place.  Kodak uses this really evil hyper-aggressive software when it develops your pics and when you upload them, it puts the photos where IT wants them, not where I can find them.  It is so hyper-aggressive it acts like a malware program.  I may have to add the pics in when I find them.  Phooey on Kodak!

Found it! here it is...

Then all the ends were worked in, which was not many as I tend to arrange the order of work so that I do not generate so many ends.  All done!  Wear it and look fabulous!

Lilo caught a gopher in the yard last night and brought it into the living room.  She was playing with it and "lost" it as it crawled away from her behind something.  Big sigh.  This afternoon, I need to tear the place apart and find the (by now) dead gopher.  Lilo is a newbie, just getting the hang of hunting, and is not clear on what to do after she catches them.  BTW, a live gopher bites with big long nasty orange digging teeth, so I have learned to use the long BBQ tongs to pick them up when I find them.

See ya,

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