Monday, May 17, 2010

summer piece on a cold day

Hi, Everyone,

It is a chilly Monday afternoon.   Been cold all day.  Funny winter day, like it all of a sudden forgot to be spring, LOL   I'm listening to Liszt on Iceberg Radio, drinking chamomile tea and trying to keep warm.  Not really feeling so great today. 

Friday I showed the doctor a strange looking lesion on my hand, and she said, "That's what mersa looks like,  you'd better keep an eye on it. "  That's why I showed it to her...   So, I'm looking at it, now what?    I guess if my hand falls off, at least I'll know why.

Dan had to go back crosstown to the discount pharmacy again, they missed 3 meds when they filled the prescription, sigh.  I really do appreciate that they have me on the special discount program.   Next time I will xerox the RX for him before I turn it in, so he can check off each item as he gets it. 

I finished the Storm Water Shawlettte, a free pattern on Ravelry, as Evelyn would say,  done in a double strand of crochet cotton.  It's the sort of thing to wear in hot weather as a fashion accessory that adds no heat.   Pinks and purples, a little sparkle in one layer, actually kind of pretty.  Big crescent shape, very open, mostly holes, pointy tails to tie.

Sorry for the wonky picture, best one I've got.  I'm sure I'll enjoy it when the weather gets warmer. It adds a bit of color and cheer to an outfit, but no heat.

Still working on the almost-done magenta tall socks and the delicate lace scarf.   I wonder if I have enough white merino lace weight for one more floral pattern repeat on the scarf  or not....hmmmm...  I think I'll try it and see how it goes....   famous last words...  (File that one under things that knitters never learn, LOL.)

Miss Lilo sez, "hi".  She's staying in and staying warm today, too.   Helping me blog is more fun than chasing about in the cold.   The gophers will have to wait for a sunnier day.

See ya,

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