Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Kissing Cousins - the beginning

Hello, Everyone,

Well, it's a cold and windy Sunday night in San Diego.  I feel just fine.  I'm listening to Chris Botti play a very sweet trumpet.  I had a nice dinner at Szechuan House in Mira Mesa, thanks to Dare.  You know you lived right when your kid picks up the check.  Eating there reminded me of why we used to go there often, the food is really good.  I especially like their take on Peking duck, juicy meat and crispy skin.  The Sizzling Double Happiness is shrimp and scallops in a spicy black bean sauce, yum.  Kung Pao Beef, spicy and full of peanuts.  Nate loves to go there, he has the house special Lo Mein.  That boy loves his noodles.  Nice wait staff, too.  

The bedroom is the warmest room in the house and the computer is in the dining room, hmmmm.  Maybe I'll go get the electric lap blanket and plug it in by the computer.  Be right back.

Ok, That's better, nice and warm despite a drafty house.

The Kissing Cousins Shawl is maybe 1 hour from done, which is nothing on a big lace shawl.  Time to write about it.  It is a horseshoe shape in oh-so-soft lime green baby alpaca lace weight from Misti Alpaca with a bit of mohair (Kid Merino ) for interest half way through.  The ends are rectangular and the center section is a semicircle.  

Kissing Cousins is worked from the outer edge in to the center edge.  I cast it on in the alpaca by making the pretty beaded lace outer edging and then picking up stitches all along its top edge.  There are stitches on each side edge kept in garter, some along each of the straight rectangles, and more in the center section.  Periodically the center section is reduced by K2tog across.  Several straight forward patterns create bands of beautiful lace between the decrease rows.  Half way through the yarn switches to cloud soft, fuzzy, baby mohair.  After a bit of fluffy mohair lace, the yarn switches back to the alpaca and finishes off with more lace.   The top edging is for the most part a simple eyelet edging, with a bit of beaded lace at each of the ends to visually tie into the beginning outer edge.  It turned out great!  I can't wait to see it blocked.

The edging, Beaded Lace:

It begins with a knitted-on cast on and goes for about 1000 rows, LOL.

This is the end of the first installment.
More to follow later...

Lilo sez g'nite!



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