Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Bridal shawl pattern posted to Ravelry

Hello, Everyone,

It's a lovely sunny, breezy Wednesday afternoon in San Diego and I'm feeling great.  I'm listening to Roy Orbison's greatest hits.

Yesterday afternoon the strangest thing happened.  I heard a loud ruckus outside and when I went out on the porch to check it out, there was a flock of about 15 bright green parrots flying about the neighborhood screeching.  They had red patches on their heads, yellow around their eyes and were really BIG, maybe twice the weight as a pigeon.   They were perching on telephone lines, playing upside down as parrots do.  They were eating the ripe, sweet loquats from the neighbor's tree.  And generally making a great noise.  Then they flew off and disappeared as suddenly as they came.  Not native to San Diego, I wonder where they came from?  I wonder if they are escaped pets who are now breeding in San Diego?   We are not so tropical as Florida, where I hear various parrots are freely breeding in the back yards. 

They looked like these conures I found on the web who are living wild in San Francisco.  

Last night I finally figured out how to post Shannon's Bridal Lace Shawl to Ravelry.  I took the installment bits from the blog and used them to write up a proper pattern.    I decided not to wait for better pictures, but to post now and add the better pictures when I get them.   So check it out.

I bought some Mother's Day cards today and made a hand drawn one for my daughter.  

I hope she likes it.

I'm going to knitting guild tonight.  I'll let you know if anything fun comes up.

See ya later,

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