Sunday, May 2, 2010

Mockingbirds singing in the night

It's a mellow, cool night after a bright and sunny Sunday in San Diego.  Now I'm at home knitting and  listening to Seal 4.   I'm feeling a bit better, the head cold is almost totally gone.   Tomorrow I hope be be 100%.  Heavenly...

The mocking birds are singing in the night, really belting it out.  It sounds like a vocal contest of some kind.  Interesting.   One is on the house next to me and the other is across the street.  They sing a series of sounds over and over, copy each other, then switch to a new tune and do a new series, and keep the sequence up for a long time.

I had dinner at Pho Cadao.  Nothing like a big hot bowl of soup for my cold.  I love the "tendon" part.  I must have been Vietnamese in a past life.  I really love Vietnamese food.  For an appetizer we had the beef spring rolls, yum.  Pho Cadao does a good job with the soup and the wait staff is nice.  Freshly squeezed OJ for my cold, too.  Then wash it all down with some Jasmine tea.  Yum.

Dan had the flame grilled chicken, it was good, too.  They pound out a chicken breast, marinate it and then grill it over charcoal. 

I talked on the phone to Nate.  We'll see him next weekend, if all goes as planned.   Happy little guy.  Talks so fast I can't understand a word, LOL.  Love is another word for grandchildren.

I'm knitting on a pair of socks for Heather in magenta and a white lace Fichu.  I trade off so that the size 2 sock needles are not so hard on my hands.

The Lace panel starts on top of the foot, then swings back at the ankle to go up each side. Eye of partridge heel flap.   German heart heel with the heart in light pink.     These will be thigh high by the time they are done, with a ruffle at the top and a fancy ribbon garter with beaded ends to draw them up tight at the top.  Should be very pretty.  Coming along nicely.

The yarn was knit once before so the texture looks a bit rough right now.  The size was too big the first time.  The pattern called for 5's and did not specify a gauge!  So, now I'm doing them over on size 2 needles.  Well, now they're the right size and the rough texture caused by the kinked yarn will smooth out the first time I wash them and block them out.   Since the size is unusual, I might have to make a custom sock blocker from a wire coat hanger.  We'll see when the time comes.  Notice the markers to keep me straight on the lace panels.  It's the only way I can both get it right and keep my speed up.

Lilo came by to be admired a bit and then headed out to gopher hunt.  This morning she and Dan found the gopher she "misplaced" in the living room yesterday.  She ate all but the head and then Dan threw the head outside.  Thank you, Dan. Better him than me!  At least we do not have any stinky "missing  gopher" mysteries to deal with! 


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