Wednesday, May 19, 2010

FO City

Hello, Everyone, 

It's a lovey breezy spring midday in San Diego and I feel fine.  Listening to Respighi on   Finally a nice sunny day!  Birds are twittering away in the garden.   I thought winter was going to revisit us forever....  Yesterday afternoon was somewhat sunny for a while, so I was able to wash and block out some recently finished knitting, plus my "wedding shawl" which also got its annual bath while I was in block out mode.  Last night I could not sleep, so I went on a finishing spree, so today I have a wonderful list of finished objects to show you. 

FO list for today: white floral lace scarf, red alpaca shawlette, tall magenta lace panel stockings, 2 cute little beaded Omamori "socks" 

Let's start with this one:

Here is the floral lace scarf I was making for my mother-in-law.  

Here is Nate's teddy bear modeling for me.  The ends are diagonal points.  I love how lace transforms when you block it out.  I'm working on the pattern and want to post it on Ravelry soon.  It weighs nothing, like a feather.

Here is the red alpaca  shawlette, a reprise of the red tango shawl.  Notice the gold beads sparkling on the top edge.  It's a Finnish leaf pattern I found on the 'Net.  I don;t speak Finnish, but I read knitting chart.

The red shawlette blocked out to be about 53" x 34". 

Here is the shawl I made for my own wedding, all fresh and clean.  Notice the same floral pattern I used in the white scarf above.  Also, lily of the valley with nupps, Russian chained hearts.  The edging is print o' the wave.  It was kind of a lace knitting pattern sampler.  Basically I could not decide on just one, so I did them all.  Maybe not great design, but meaningful to me. Cream laceweight wool from Knitpicks.  

There is a workman scraping the trim on the house in preparation for painting it, so the house is full of strange noises.  Lilo is nowhere to be found.   She must be hiding somewhere from the noises.   

I'm off to write up the floral lace pattern.  I'll post more FO here as I get more photos made.

Bye for now,

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