Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Hugg Me Baby Boots

Hello Everyone,

It's a mellow late night Tuesday after a lovely, sunny day.  I'm feeling good,  listening to Jazz 88.3 play Rebirth Brass band.

I just finished some cutie patootie baby booties.  So I wrote them up and  I'll be posting them on Ravelry as soon as I get to it, probably tomorrow. 

Hugg Me Baby Boots

These cute little high boots are suitable for either a boy or a girl. They look just like the famous sheepskin boots, but are knit of practical machine washable brown wool, with a creamy faux shearling sheep cuff, knit in loop stitch to look like sheepskin. Altogether much cute baby snuggliness.

Size: 4 (5) inches long, about 6 (9) months. Baby feet vary, better to be too big and grow into them. Instructions for larger size will be given in paren.

Gauge: 4 stitches to the inch in garter stitch

1ball, cream worsted weight washable wool yarn, I used Lion Brand Collerction Superwash Merino, Antique
1 ball smooth chocolate brown Worsted weight washable wool yarn, I used Lion Brand Collection Superwash Merino, Mahagony
size 5 circular needle. I know this is small for the size of the yarn, but it needs to be knit tightly if the loop fabric is to look “sheepy”
1 marker, I used a coilless safety pin
large yarn needle to sew up heel

Special stitches:

Knitted-on cast on: Slide a slip knot on the left hand needle. Insert the right hand needle from heel to tip of the left needle through the loop. Bring the yarn around the needle and pull it through the first loop as if knitting the first stitch. *Do not remove the first stitch, instead, rotate the right hand needle so it lies parallel with the left hand one, heel to heel and tip to tip. Slip the left hand needle through the new loop, so both needles lie heel to heel and tip to tip again. Snug up the yarn around both needles. Draw the yarn between them and draw up a loop as if to knit a stitch. Repeat from * for desired number of stitches. This creates an open, lacy cast on.

Loop stitch: *Knit a stitch, but leave it on the left needle, draw the yarn to the front between your needles and sling it around your left thumb, using the thumb to hold a long loop. Bring the yarn back between the needles to the back and knit the stitch again and this time pull the "old" stitch off the left needle. Pull the first stitch over the second one on the right needle to lock it down. Tug on the loop to pull all the slack into the loop. Knit the next stitch plain. Repeat from * across, alternating every other stitch with loop and regular knit. Knit the next row plain. So, every other row you have a row of loops, every other stitch. If the loop rows alternate the loops so that they do not stack up, but instead alternate like an eye of partridge heel flap, why, that is a nice touch. If you can't make that happen, don't worry. Nothing shows in all the loops!

3 needle bind off: with a third needle knit 1 stitch from each side together, *knit 1 stitch from each side together again, pull the first stitch over the second to bind off 1 stitch. Repeat from * until all stitches are bound off.

Lilo sez,  "G'nite, Mates!"


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