Monday, May 10, 2010

Hi, Charlotte and Olivia

Hello, Everyone,
I tried to leave a posting on a blog this morning, but blogsdpot wa having a bad day and woulod not post it. So, I'll leave it here and hope she finds it after I clicked "follower" on her blog.

Hi, Olivia,
You probably do not remember me, I was a friend of your mother's in the SGI in San Diego.  This morning I found a piece of paper with your mother's name on it in an old purse and i decided to search for her.  I found you instead.  It looks like you are getting a great education.  I'm so glad for you.  Please tell your mom Julie Stanley Lanner sez Hi.  I'm at if she wants to say hi to me.

Nice day today, I'd better run.  Lots to do.

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