Wednesday, May 19, 2010

floral lace scarf

Hello, Everyone,
It's a lovely balmy night after a great sunny day.  I feel great.  I'm listening to play classical music.  

I wrote up the pattern for the floral lace shawl.  Here the promo for the new pattern I posted today on Ravelry.

Floral Lace Scarf for Mother Anita

This reversible dainty lace scarf is perfect for spring wear when warmth is not so much desires as style. Feminine and sheer, it dresses up a top with a dainty floral pattern. The sheer lace scarf weighs next to nothing as it floats gently around your neck, 6 1/2 inches X 72 inches.  The diagonal ends trail off into delicate points.  I made it for my hubby's mother, Anita.  It is a lovely gift, an easy, quick knit and so feminine.  This makes the perfect first lace project.  Eyelets edge the scarf, making it easy to block out into points if desired (as pictured).  Or it can be blocked out with wires through the eyelets to make straight edges.  Instructions allow for a wider scarf if desired.  Instructions included for suspended bind off and blocking. 

Teddy modeling for us to show off the points...

Size: 6 1/2 inches X 72 inches.  May be made wider (10 inches) if desired (instructions included below)

Gauge: while gauge is not important for this scarf, I got about 4 stitches per inch after blocking.

1 ball lace weight yarn, I used Skacel Merino Lace in white.  The scarf used maybe 150  yards from a 1700 yard ball, so this is great for using up lace weight "leftovers".  Or that single pretty hand painted ball you always wanted to try lace with...

size 4 needles, I used Addi lace points, but there are no tricky nupps, so any needles would do.

size 6 crochet hook for bind off.  Can be done with size 4 knitting needles, but you must take care to bind off very, very loosely if you use the size 4 needles.

14 stitch markers, I used no-coil safety pins.

Scarf in progress,  unblocked.

All done!

Lilo finally turned up after the workman quit banging on the house.  It's going to look really nice after he paints it!  Chill, Lilo, it's ok.

See you,

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