Monday, May 10, 2010

Eagle Shawlette

Hello, Everyone.
Today is a cheery Monday morning in San Diego and I'm feeling fine.  I found a shawlette pattern I wrote a couple of years ago,  so I decided to work it up and post it to Ravelry.  You'll be able to get them here:     Here's a preview for you. 
Eagle Shawlettte
This beautiful Eagle Shawlette is worked from the snuggly sideways garter collar with a slipped edge, down through two lace patterns, to the delicate beaded edging. The unique shaping creates an image of outstretched eagle wings, flying to the stars and sun, which keeps it on the shoulders. First the traditional arrowhead pattern looks like a multitude of stars in the sky which transitions to a row of suns. (The sun pattern is a variation on a sunspot pattern from Barbara Walker's Third Treasury of Knitting Patterns.) Crocheted loops with beads finish the edge, reaching out at the front tips like eagle feathers stretching to catch the wind. This is lace, so a modest amount of knitting experience is recommended. Knit one for yourself or your favorite eagle and let your spirits soar!

1 ball Elegant Yarns Angelic, 100g machine washable merino, 363 yards, color 045 flame red (optionally, a second ball on the Angelic lets you lenghten the shawlette into a full length shawl)
Size 6 circular needle

Size after blocking: 44 inches from tip of tail to tip of wing

Gauge over garter stitch:   4.5 stitches/inch, although gauge is not important for this project

Shoulder panel of stars

Sun pattern
The sun pattern produces a row of reverse stockinette suns against a lace background all along the edge.   Rivetting!  And Beautiful...

Sun pattern

Loopy crocheted edging

Did you hear that Lena Horne passed away?   I love her music and I'll miss her.  Playing Stormy weather in Lena's memory.  She was in her nineties.  What an amazing period in American history her life and career spanned.  

Lilo sez "Hi!" as she heads out the window to hunt gophers. 

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