Sunday, May 16, 2010

lace scarf getting bigger

Hi, Everyone,

It's a coolish (60 degrees F) foggy Sunday evening after an overcast and foggy day in San Diego.  I'm listening to Julian Bream play Greensleeves beautifully on the guitar.  The silly "morning and evening low clouds and fog" never burned off at midday like it should.  I hope it rains tomorrow, my garden could sure use it. 

I'm starting to feel normal after my cold.  Tomorrow I "plan" to be 100% a-ok.  Had dinner at Chevy's with the family.  Fun, silly, almost-Mexican food. Good fruity margarita.  Thank you, Honey.

I've been knitting on the magenta thigh-high stockings and they are all done but the top eyelet row and ruffle.  I can only work on them for a certain amount of time since they are on #2 needles, or else my hands hurt.  So, I trade them off with the floral lace scarf, which is on #4 needles.   Maybe later tonight I can go back to the stockings and finish them off.  We'll see.  I'll post pics as soon as they are done.

The lace scarf is getting pretty.  Maybe I can hold it stretched so you can see the garter floral lace even before blocking, sigh.

Can you see the floral pattern starting to emerge?  I know it's hard to see before blocking.  The flower is a Russian (Orenburg) version of cat's paw. 

I'm still thinking about the lace weight Evva sent me from White River.  The shop owner double-wound the ball to avoid stretching out the spring in the yarn.  Nice and soft ball, good idea.  Can you see the color from this pic?  It's a nice deep heathery purple.

I'm starting to see folks appreciate my patterns on Ravelry.  It's very exciting to see that. 

Lilo kitty is prancing about, looking for some attention.  She would like to go out and hunt gophers, but she is not so fond of fog.  There are not so many gopher hills in my yard now.  She is having an impact.  Out she goes, for a little while anyway.

Bream is on to Recuerdos de la Alhambra.  MMMMM... one of my favs.

Oops, here comes Lilo back in for a quick pass by the food dish for a bedtime snack.  That was quick.   Must have been too foggy and drippy wet out there. 

See you all soon.


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